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2009/01 - AFC Liverpool

16 January 2009

Hello - could you please inform your supporters of attached info.


Paul McCombs
AFC Liverpool

* Hello to Liverpool FC fans across the world from AFC Liverpool.

* This is a message from the newest football team in Liverpool.

* Did you know there may be opportunities for you to watch both Liverpool FC and AFC Liverpool?

* AFC Liverpool play their weekend matches at 3.00pm on Saturdays.

* So if you are visiting the city to see a match we would be delighted to see you at AFC Liverpool.

* We are currently top of our league and playing great football.

Current home fixtures same weekend

Liverpool FC AFC Liverpool

19/01/09 EVERTON 20.00 17/01/09 AFC Blackpool

25/01/09 EVERTON 16.00 24/01/09 Leek Town

21/03/09 ASTON VILLA 15.00* 21/03/09 Norton Utd

11/04/09 BLACKBURN 15.00* 13/04/09 Bootle

18/04/09 ARSENAL 15.00* 18/04/09 Stone Dominoes

02/05/09 NEWCASTLE 15.00* 02/05/09 Chadderton


Please check our website for details


If you need any further info contact us by email


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