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2008/09 - Fans Network

from Matthew Watson
6 September 2008

Hello fellow Reds, my name is Matthew Watson, fellow Liverpool supporter from England and am just her to tell you of a little LFC site/Blog called Liverpool Fans Network i have just set up that may interest your members.

I was wondering if you would be so kind as to mention my site to your members, possibly put a link up on your website or post a topic in your message boards? Obviously i would repay the favour and do the same by linking or advertising your supporters club on the site.


Please ask your members to check it out, it's nothing special or fancy but given time i think it could really become a place that people can enjoy visiting.

Facebook description:

Liverpool Fans Network is a new site/blog set up for all Liverpool fans around the world to enjoy and have their say on the club they love.

Want to say something on the club you love? Well do it! Whether it be an article on recent events todo with the club, a report on a game or a trip or even just a recollection of a game, player or manager, past or prescent, it's upto you!

So please check the site out and stick around as it's only new and i know it's nothing special at the moment but fingers crossed it will only get better and more popular.

Thank you for taking your time to read this,

Kind regards,

Matthew Watson.


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